It's All about Protecting the Data

Globalscape secure file transfer software solutions provide military-grade data security for healthcare companies.

Working in healthcare IT is challenging. Administrators must provide enough freedom for healthcare providers to access the data they need to provide patient care, while ensuring that the same data is kept safe. Additionally, organizations must abide by a number of federal, state and industry regulations.

Even with this level of oversight, healthcare data breaches are on the rise. This increase can be attributed, in part, to disparate, inefficient legacy systems that lack the proper secure file transfer software, leaving the industry in need of better healthcare data solutions.

Globalscape’s suite of military-grade, secure file transfer software provides healthcare data solutions for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare entities around the world.

Globalscape’s healthcare experts have years of experience and can help administrators choose the right healthcare data solutions to create secure, efficient, and compliant solutions for their IT infrastructures.

EFT Platform Diagram

Ensure Compliance throughout Your Organization

We’ll help you manage and consolidate all movement of your data. We’ll also help you achieve 100% HITECH HIPAA and ACA compliance.

Safeguard Sensitive Data

Get FIPS 140-2 certified encryption to safeguard even the most sensitive data.

Easy for End Users, Secure for You

Data security is only as good as an end user’s compliance. If the solution is not intuitive and easy to use, end users will look to other less secure methods to transfer sensitive data. From easy web browsers to secure mobile access for BYOD security to secure, large file sharing via email, you’ll have a full range of healthcare data solutions to choose from, ensuring end-user acceptance of your policies.

Our Software can do the Heavy Lifting

If you have a clunky, legacy system or if you have too many manual processes, we can help. Our software has powerful automation capabilities as well as database-driven auditing and non-repudiation reporting.

Contact us today about how our suite of managed file transfer software, featuring EFT, can provide you with healthcare data solutions for your specific needs.